About Me

This is Dr. Carolyn Contois, and I am an Animal Naturopath. The definition of Naturopathy is to support the body so that it can heal itself. However, the philosophies of naturopathic study go way beyond physical healing. It transcends into the realm of quantum physics. This is where energy and matter become one in the same. A photon can be a particle or a wave of light then become a particle again! We are all made up of different frequencies of photons manifesting into the physical state. This is where illness and trauma takes form and where true healing begins.

Dr. Contois has been working with animals since 1979. Her career started at the Humane Society of Greater Miami and steadily moved through a myriad of positions from veterinary technician, biologist and curator, to running her own pet sitting and grooming service. Over the years, she became more and more frustrated with the common complaints of her clients; chronic ear infections, itchy, smelly skin, bad breath and teeth, weight problems, etc. The western  medicine (allopathic) practices had lots of tests, vaccines and pills but no real answers.* She began studying a variety of holistic modalities of healing from herbal remedies to the full spectrum of energy healing (light, sound, and animal communication). In 2013, she graduated from Kingdom College of Natural Health, with a Doctorate in Animal Naturopathy. (DAN) It was the culmination of 34 years of dedication to the love of animals and nature.





* The information provided on this blog is not intended to diagnose or cure any form of inflammation, illness or disease process. Diagnostics and physical exams by a qualified veterinarian, are recommended. Please use all your available resources to make health decisions for your pets.